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There are many ways a door can become less than friendly! Rollers on sliding doors often rust out and need replacing. In extreme cases the body of the door can be warped and these become very difficult (Not impossible) to repair.

Sagging and building movement is the other major cause of doors sticking. Removing the door and resizing it to the changed dimensions is a simple way or overcoming this issue.

Locks and catches are also problematic especially in the older and new cheap imported products available to one and all. We are experts at getting these working again, even if we need to replace the lock or catch mechanism with higher quality parts. These last years longer than the budget spares available to DIY enthusiasts!

So for door repairs or supply and installation of new doors and Windows Graeme’s doors can make your home or business look great and be secure…

High Security see through door and solid wooden front door instalation by Graeme's Doors Perth

Screen and solid wooden door installation

Aluminium screen door with one way mesh

High Visibility full length Security Screen door

High Visibility full length Screen door

Security Screen door installed by Graeme's doors

Aluminum Screen Door

Aluminium Windows supplied aqnd installed by Grames's Doors

Aluminum Windows with see through screens

Security Screen door supplied and fitted to match new windows by Graeme's Doors.

Matching Screen Door to Windows

Double front doors installed by Graeme's doors

Double opening Front Doors

Double opening French Doors supplied by Graeme's Doors Perth

Double opening French Doors